Aoi Koenji


Japanese Name 高円寺葵 (こうえんじ あおい)
Romanized Name Koenji Aoi
English Name Aoi Koenji
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Homeworld Lancastar
First Appearance
Debut Episode 11 - Return to Lancastar
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Airi Furukawa
English Voice Margaret McDonald

Aoi Koenji is Mamoru's friend from Lancastar. She is also a WOTA member.


Aoi has short dark blue-purple hair and green eyes.


She is always focused on her mission and works hard as a WOTA member. She often scolds or lectures Mamoru when he is late or not focusing on the task at hand. She is also a fan of Yuka Ichijo. She knows that he is a fan of Suzuko, but also suspects or knows that he loves Yuka as well, possibly even more than Suzuko. This is because she teased him about whether or not he was just rooting for Suzuko when he was trying to get the TV to work so they can watch the General Elections.


She first appears in Episode 11 on Lancastar.

In Episode 25, she says that it had always been her dream to watch a 00 concert live on Akibastar.






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