"I see. I guess I view it differently. Maybe you go to see people because they're waiting for you, but not me. I go because I want to see them!"
—Acchan talking to Tsubasa before a concert.
Atsuko Katagiri
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Japanese Name 前田敦子 (まえだ あつこ)
Romanized Name Katagiri Atsuko
English Name Atsuko Katagiri
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Homeworld Akibastar
First Appearance
Debut Episode 1 - Uneraseable Dream
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Miyuki Sawashiro
English Voice Sasha Paysinger

Atsuko Katagiri is a member of AKB0048 who has mysteriously disappeared, most likely because of her Center Nova Positon. On Akibastar , she is known as "Atsuko Maeda the 13th" (前田敦子), also known as "Acchan" (あっちゃん).


Atsuko has short, purple hair that fades into purple-magenta and reddish brown eyes. She wore a small red-black ribbon in her hair when singing Aitakatta. She has heart-shaped lining in her hair and eyes.


Atsuko was shy and reserved, but when she stepped onto the stage, the Kirara all flocked to her in a glowing light, giving her some sort of confidence. It was like if she was wearing a 'Dress of Light'. Acchan was also best friends with Tsubasa. In Tsubasa's flashback in Episode 13, Acchan told Tsubasa that she preformed as a member of AKB0048 because she wanted to see the audience.


Atsuko, along with the rest of AKB0048, hold a secret concert in an abandoned mine on Lancastar. The DES tried to stop them, but AKB0048 quickly defeated them before leaving Lancastar. During the time between this concert and before the 77th Generation audition, at a concert on another planet, Tsubasa had witnessed Acchan disappear like the other Center Nova right before her eyes while performing.

It is of note that Acchan was mentioned in the first five episodes of the series and appeared in several flashbacks.

AKB48 memberEdit

Maeda atsuko2012

Atsuko Maeda (2012)

Atsuko Maeda was born on July 10, 1991, in ​​Ichikawa, Chiba, Japan. She was one of the most prominent members of AKB48 and was a member of Team A. She has appeared as one of the front girls in almost every single that AKB48 has released. She also is an aspiring actress, and has appeared in several movies, dramas and TV shows, including "Densen Uta" alongside fellow AKB48 members Yuko Oshima, Haruna Kojima, Sayaka Akimoto, and "Moshidora" with Minami Minegishi. She had her solo singles, "Flower", and the most recent "Kueki Ressha" that earned her a Best New Actress award. Like her AKB0048 counterpart, Atsuko graduated from AKB48 in August 2012. Some interesting facts about Atsuko include that she is left handed, her oshimen is  Minami Takahashi and they are really close friends. She loves pets almost as much as she loves tomatoes, currently having six dogs and three cats. She ranked #1 in 2011 election.






  • According to Suzuko, the latest Acchan was the 13th person to hold that name.
  • Acchan was the last person to hold the Center Nova position until Chieri became the new Center Nova.
  • Although canonly, Acchan has no official real name, fans have often theorized her full name is Atsuko Katagiri, and that it could be possible that she is related to Tsubasa Katagiri. Regardless, the fact is that the two were close, as seen in Tsubasa's flashbacks and Yuuko's flashback in Episode 16.
  • Atsuko's successor ends up being Nagisa Motomiya who becomes Atsuko Maeda the 14th.